Our Communities

The developments Fundation embarks on must incorporate a clear set of goals and objectives, not only job creation but at a higher level it needs to transform and empower communities. We implement this through community involvement, sustainable construction, corporate responsibility, employment opportunities, skills development and layered interaction with the community and local municipalities. It is a collaborative process as consultation with all stakeholders is key.

As a Company, Fundation is acutely aware of its Corporate Responsibility and the impact our developments will have on people, communities, local businesses and transport. Our ultimate goal is to positively contribute to the communities in which we build by upskilling through employment for local businesses during construction or post opening, in cleaning services, security and maintenance. Fundation believes real empowerment is born through employment initiatives, skills development, local procurement and enterprise development. In instances where homes were occupying the development land, new homes were constructed and donated to the residents.

The strategic position of our developments is of the utmost importance to the communities. We believe a convenient retail offering should be available to all, not only in an urban setting